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This page will be updated with the latest info on vegan events and festivals that are happening around the UK this year. With light at the end of the tunnel, we can hopefully all be mingling and taking in the sights, smells and atmosphere of these fabulous occasions on the vegan calendar.  If you know of any vegan festivals or events in your area, or if you would like to feature yours on this page, just fill in the form below and we’l get right on it. 

2021 upcoming events and festivals

Bournemouth Festival

  • Location – Bournemouth
  • Date 09/10/2021
  • Entry £4 per day or £15 VIP in advance
  • Event Link

Leicester Vegan Festival

  • Location – Leicester
  • Date 09/05/2021
  • Entry £5 per day or £15 VIP in advance
  • More event info

Manchester Vegan Market

great yorkshire vegan christmas market, vegan markets, vegans fare
  • Location – Manchester
  • Date 17/04/2021
  • Entry – £5 – £15 VIP in advance. 
  • More event info

Please check with event organisers before paying for your ticket for any vegan markets, vegan festivals and events. Due to the social distancing measures, some have been cancelled. The events and festivals featured on this page are still a few weeks away and so could still be happening all being well. 

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