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We’ve put together some lists of vegan clothes brands for men, women and kids including vegan shoes and footwear and bags and accessories. If you know of a great vegan clothes brand that we haven’t featured, just contact us or fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get round to adding it as soon as possible. 

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Take a look at some of the best vegan clothing brands for men in the UK. Style your vegan wardrobe cruelty free. Click the tab below to see vegan clothes for men. 

Vegan Outfitters – Create premium men’s vegan clothing, such as sweatshirts, hoodies and t shirts with vegan slogans.  Every purchase helps save a farm yard animal. 

WAWWA – Make all clothing range totally free from animal products as well as using plant based packaging. 

Rozenbroek – Animal friendly luxury, sustainable clothing. Handmade in a solar powered factory in Yorkshire. 

Critically Endangered Socks – Sustainable socks support the worlds most endangered animals. Made from high quality materials for a long life and low impact on the environment. 

The Pangaia – Sustainable, eco-friendly and organic clothes for men to help save the environment. 

Thought – Vegan friendly clothing all in one place. Check out the men’s vegan and organic clothes collection.

Vegan Original – Unique ethical and organic clothing. Small collection of Vegan T-shirts and hoodies. 

Mud jeans – Ethical high quality Jeans for Men and women. Old jeans are re-cycled after use. 

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Shop from some of the most popular vegan clothes brands for women. You can be vegan and stylish at the same time.  Click the tab to see vegan clothes for women. 


Vegan Outfitters – Premium Vegan Clothing for women, with every purchase made helping save farmyard animals. Eco friendly and ethically made. Kind to the planet and the people who make it.

JW PEI UK – Vegan accessories brand from LA -Minimalist design in sustainable vegan materials is at the heart of the brand. They use vegan leather and recycled plastic for their bags and accessories.

Treen – Killer vegan fashion for women, without killing the planet. Everything from clothing, underwear and lifestyle.

WAWWA – Totally animal free clothing for women, such as hoodies, sweats, outerwear, and using plant based packaging. Recycled and organic materials used. 

Cotton & Push – Beautiful skin friendly lingerie made from organic natural fibres.

Rozenbroek – Luxury animal friendly clothes and underwear. They also offer zero waste tote bags made from the off-cuts. All handmade to order in Yorkshire UK. 

Ruby Moon – Sustainable stretch vegan fabric materials used in their ethical swimwear and activewear.

Critically Endangered Socks – Sustainable socks support the worlds most endangered animals.

The Pangaia – Sustainable fashion for women to help save the environment. Recycled, organic and environmentally friendly. 

Free People – Vegan brands for women all in one place in their vegan shop including Vegan leather jackets and faux fur coats. 

Thought – Women’s vegan and organic clothes collection made from organic, bamboo and hemp materials. 

Vegan Original – Ethical eco-friendly fashion. Vegan printed T-shirts for women and unisex, hoodies and more from 100% organic cotton. They use only PETA approved manufacturers. 

The People Tree – Sustainable and Fair Trade Fashion for women. They have a vegan collection of knitwear, trousers and tops made from organic cotton.

Mud Jeans – High quality, Ethically made jeans for women. Recycling every pair after use. 

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Make sure your kids look the part. Here are some great vegan kids clothing that they will be happy and proud to wear. Click the kids button to see vegan kids clothes. 


Vegan Outfitters – Cute vegan kids clothes with funny slogans. ” Vegan like my mum” and others. Romper suits, baby grows and t shirts for boys and girls.

Critically Endangered Socks – Sustainable socks support the worlds most endangered animals. 

The Pangaia – Sustainable clothing for kids to help save the environment. 

denim jeans legs wearing red shiny vegan boots, vegan shoes and footwear

Here are some vegan friendly shoes and footwear brands for men, women and kids. From boots, to shoes and sandals.  Click below to view vegan shoes and footwear.  


Beyond Skin – Genuinely not leather vegan footwear for women. British designed with a sustainable DNA. Boots, shoes and trainers. 

Alternative Stores – An online retailer of vegan shoes, boots, sandals for men and women. They also sell health food and beauty products. 

Hooves – Animal, vegetarian and vegan friendly shoes for men from London made from ethical and breathable microfibre. 

NAK Fashion – An exciting new vegan friendly shoe brand based in London. No animal killed vegan shoes, trainers and vegan footwear. 

Wills Vegan Store – Sustainable, ethical, vegan fashion including vegan shoes for men and women. 

Featured Brands - Vegan Clothing and Accessories

Uncompromised offer a range of menswear that is completely 100% animal and plastic free. Theie well made seasonless essentials include stylish polo shirts, t shirts and sweatshirts. Helping you to make the right choice when it comes to buying clothes from brands that don’t harm the environment. 

Vegan outfitters create cruelty free, earth friendly apparel for the plant based generation. Their vegan clothing really really makes a statement with catchy funny vegan slogans, while also looking stylish and with trend. Everything from joggers to t shirts and vest in a variety of colours for men and women. Vegan Outfitters also donate to animal charities, ensure no sweat shops are used for production and have totally plastic free packaging. Shop now for vegan clothing. 

JW PEI are a LA based accessories brand. Founded by a husband and wife duo, their inspiration behind the brand was the idea that fashion should be accessible, effortless and empowering. They use minimalist design and sustainable vegan materials at the heart of the brand. Shop now at JW PEI

Mashu are a designer accessories label that specialise in handbags. They use premium sustainable materials including vegan and recyclable materials to create stunning accessories and bags, designed in London and made in Athens.   Shop now at Mashu

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