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Vegan Marketplace For Vendors

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Welcome to Veganaire. Our new vegan marketplace for vendors is where you can sell your handmade vegan products and pre-loved and second-hand items.

Are you a small UK-based vegan business looking to reach a new audience? Maybe you have accumulated a lot of clothing or unwanted gifts over the years. Are you wondering how to sell vegan products from home? Well now is the time to start earning some money and targeting the people who want to buy your handmade vegan, pre-loved and second-hand items.

The Veganaire vegan vendor’s marketplace will help you do just that. We will provide you with a platform from which you can advertise and sell your cruelty-free products. You can upload images and descriptions, manage your inventory and receive payments for the vegan products you sell.

At Veganaire, we’re committed to helping you succeed and achieve your dreams of becoming a Veganaire! That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new marketplace for multi-vendors coming soon. Our platform provides an opportunity for you to earn extra income. Simply by selling unwanted items or handmade vegan products, and also enabling others to start their vegan businesses.

vegan marketplace for vendors and artisan sellers of handmade products that are cruelty free and eco friendly or pre loved for sale

Vegan Marketplace For Artisans and Sellers

Now, take a moment to consider: Do you want to earn money? Would you like to sell vegan products from your home? Are you either a small business or someone interested in launching an online vegan business to sell your products? If you can say yes to these questions, then we encourage you to join our vegan vendor’s marketplace today!

Simply register your interest with an email address. Once we’re up and running, you’ll be the first to receive updates. This means you could be among the first to start selling vegan products on our vegan marketplace. This means you’ll be reaching more new customers right from the start.

If you’re still uncertain or need more information about how to start selling on our vegan marketplace, you’ll find a FAQ section with answers below.

Vegan Sellers And Artisans Wanted!

Do you already sell ethical cruelty-free products, but are looking for a new way to sell?

Then join our thriving Vegan Marketplace. It’s a place where independent vegan businesses, brands and sellers all come together.

Come and show off your cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and vegan products! We are passionate about supporting sellers who share our commitment to ethical and sustainable living.

With our Vegan Marketplace, we encourage sellers to build their unique online stores.  We want you to connect with consumers eager to embrace a cruelty-free lifestyle. If you’re an independent vegan business or a creative entrepreneur crafting eco-friendly and handmade vegan products, we need you!

You’ll have the opportunity to set up your store and start showcasing your unique range of products. From vegan treats to handcrafted eco-friendly fashion pieces.  This is the platform to reach a dedicated audience seeking kinder choices.


Join the Veganaire Vegan Vendors Marketplace Community!

Imagine being part of a community of like-minded sellers.  All driven by the same passion for cruelty-free and eco-friendly living. As you showcase your products, you’ll inspire others to make conscious choices. And this means you will be part of a global movement towards a more compassionate world.

When customers visit our Vegan Marketplace, they’ll be delighted to find a treasure trove of cruelty-free and vegan wonders. Think of your shop as a haven for ethical shoppers seeking natural products. All handmade, second-hand or recycled, without cruelty or animal testing. 

Sell Vegan Products From Home

Also, remember the attraction of pre-loved, vintage, and up-cycled items that contribute to the sustainability of our vendor’s marketplace. Our platform allows toys to sell unwanted items of clothing, shoes and other cruelty-free items you may have lying around. 

By joining our Vegan Marketplace, you will become part of a vibrant community that celebrates creativity, compassion, and innovation. It’s a space where sellers like you can flourish, and consumers discover extraordinary products that align with their values.

So, if want to sell vegan products from home and believe in the power of cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and vegan living, we invite you to join us. Together, let’s make a positive impact, support independent vegan businesses, and pave the way for a more sustainable and compassionate future. See you at the Vegan Marketplace, where your vision comes to life and your brand shines brightly!


Register Your Interest Using The Form Below

Veganaire FAQ

It’s free to sign up for our vegan vendors marketplace for businesses and individuals. In the future as the marketplace grows, this might change, so the quicker you sign up and join us, the better. 

No, we have no plans to charge a listing fee to sell your vegan products. We will take a small commission from the final sale value on the products you sell. 

Business Sellers

You can sell anything from clothing, to accessories, jewellery, soaps, artwork, food and drink. We will not accept any CBD products, legal highs, medicines etc. Details of forbidden items to sell will be in our terms and conditions. 

Individual Sellers

You can sell your unwanted, second-hand or pre-loved clothes, accessories, shoes, and other vegan-friendly items you might want to give a new home. 

For an item to qualify, it must be vegan-friendly, with a detailed list of materials or ingredients used in its making. Any sellers found to be listing items that do not qualify as vegan or are not in our terms will have their items removed and could be removed from the platform. 

Very soon we hope. The more sellers who sign up the better vegan marketplace it will be. 

A vendor is a person or business that is offering something for sale. So by joining us, you will become one of the Veganaire vegan vendors. 

Register your interest in our Vegan marketplace Today!

vegan vendors, sell vegan products, hands holding the earth with veganaire logo and vegan vendors marketplace text, sell vegan products, vegan marketplace, vegan vendors, sell vegan products from home,
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