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Vegan Guide to Glastonbury Festival 2024

Date: 26-30th June 2024, Worthy Farm, Glastonbury

Welcome to our Vegan Guide to Glastonbury Festival 2024! As the 51st Glasto 2023 finished, we couldn’t help but feel excited for the next. Whether you’re a first-timer seeking Glasto tickets, dates, and food information or a seasoned festival goer. We’ve got you covered with all the details about the vibrant vegan food scene at the festival.

Glastonbury embraced the ever-growing demand for vegan options in 2023. And so we expect even more delicious plant-based delights in 2024. We’ll be regularly updating this page with all the confirmed vegan food stalls and trucks at Glasto.  So you can plan your festival adventure.

Below are some highlights of the vegan food available at Glastonbury 2023 to give you an idea of what to expect. You can savour plant-based burgers, indulge in hearty vegan curries or treat yourself to delectable dairy-free ice creams.

But it doesn’t stop there! As proud advocates of all things vegan, we’re offering our exclusive vegan Glasto unofficial merchandise. Veganaire has crafted unique vegan T-shirts using organic cotton and printed them with vegan-friendly inks. This makes them the perfect addition to your Glasto 24 festival clothing.

So, join us in celebrating the 52nd Glastonbury Festival with a guide dedicated to the best vegan food options. 

Glastonbury Festival 2024 Tickets and re-sale

Glastonbury Festival 2024, a major highlight in any music-lover’s calendar, is already generating buzz, with rumours suggesting headliners like Foo Fighters and Dua Lipa will grace the Pyramid Stage.

Specific ticket information for Glasto will be released at a later date. But the organisers have shared some essential advice for securing tickets. To be eligible for ticket purchase, attendees must register online beforehand. Anyone aged 13 or older at the time of ticket sales must register. Children aged 12 or younger at the start of the event will not require a ticket for Glastonbury. Therefore, don’t need to go through the registration process.

With these details now available, festival-goers can begin planning their Glastonbury 2024 experience. We’re all eagerly anticipating another memorable celebration of music, arts, and community spirit at one of the world’s most renowned festivals.

Glastonbury Festival Date – 24-30th June 2024

Glastonbury Festival organisers have officially announced the dates for next year’s event. Despite concluding Glastonbury Festival 2023 in June, with its five-day extravaganza, festival enthusiasts can already look ahead.

The official Glastonbury website has provided the confirmed dates for June 2024, allowing potential attendees to start organising everything from accommodation to festival outfits.

To see our unofficial Glastonbury vegan t-shirt range, see further down the page. Grab a unique Glasto Vegan 2024, men’s or women’s t-shirt ready for next year’s festival.

The Vegan Pyramid

The vegan Pyramid food stall vendor at Glastonbury Festival, Vegan Festival Guide, Glastonbury Vegan festival food

The Vegan Pyramid proudly featured at Glastonbury in 2023. It offered an impressive array of 100% plant-based/vegan food and drinks and has gained numerous prestigious awards. 

Dedicated to promoting Vegan, Fairtrade, Organic, and Local Produce, Pyramid Catering ensures their offerings adhere to the highest standards. With their award-winning food, patrons are guaranteed a remarkable dining experience. For those seeking to savour their delectable creations beyond the festival, the Pyramid Vegan Cafe in Glastonbury remains open throughout the year.

Catering to various dietary, cultural, and religious requirements, The Vegan Pyramid ensures their food is accessible to most individuals. In addition, their commitment to sustainability shines through as they exclusively use compostable products, minimising their environmental impact.


Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowls food truck at a festival, Vegan Festival Guide to Glastonbury, Glastonbury Vegan Festival food guide

Buddha Bowl food truck by Wholefood Heaven attended Glastonbury in 2023. It is run by husband and wife team David and Charlotte Bailey. David is a classically trained chef and vegetarian, working for many years in several leading restaurants.

Their main concept for mobile catering revolves around the Buddha Bowl, which is essentially a noodle box filled with their favourite ingredients. Their signature Buddha Bowl, which won the Best Main Dish award at the British Street Food Awards, includes the following:

  • Massaman curry with new potatoes, pineapple, and soya chunks.
  • Carrot and homemade kimchi pickle.
  • Flash steamed seasonal greens, usually kale.
  • Organic short-grain brown rice.
  • Organic omega seed sprinkle.
  • Optional grilled halloumi (skip it if vegan).

These Buddha Bowls are vegan-friendly (without halloumi), wheat-free, gluten-free, and incredibly tasty. 

Buddhafield Cafe

Buddhafield Cafe at Glastonbury Festival, Vegan Festival Guide, Glastonbury Vegan Food Stalls

The Buddafield Cafe operates as a not-for-profit festival catering provider in the captivating Green Futures Field. They offer a diverse menu of delicious organic, vegan food. You can choose from their well-known full, cooked vegan breakfast, soups and the Buddhafield Coconut Curry amongst other vegan options. 

The cafe is mainly run by dedicated volunteers. They embrace a unique Buddhist work-as-spiritual-practice environment and actively participate in various festivals, camping events, and retreats throughout the year. The Cafe has a strong commitment to the environment, preferring to work with local bakers and organic vegetable suppliers near each event. They also use their own solar power rig and hot water heating system.

Glastonbury 2023 Vegan Food Stalls

Here are some more confirmed vegan food stalls and trucks at Glastonbury Festival 2023. Please note many of these offer vegan food options but are not necessarily 100% vegan. Glastonbury 2024 vegan food stalls and vendors will appear here as and when confirmed. 

  • Castaway Kitchen GyrosCuisine – Gyros and Korean Festival Food – Glasto Festival Location ( Near the Pyramid Stage ) 
  • Dippy Dogs Cuisine – Vegan Corn Dogs – Glasto Festival Location ( Between the Other Stage and Silver Hayes ) 
  • Dosa Deli – Cuisine – South Indian Street Food ) – Glasto Festival Location ( Williams Green – Between Flamin Cactus & Corniche Pasties ) 
  • Goan Fish Curries – ( Cuisine ) Vegan Curries – Glasto Festival Location ) West Holts
  • Ko Fu Korean – Cuisine – Korean Festival Food – Glasto Festival Location ( Near the Pyramid Stage
  • Leon’s Vegetarian Cuisine – 100% Veggie Gourmet – Glasto Festival Location ( West Holts
  • Old Skool Bus and Kitchen – Cuisine – Breakfasts & Skin on Fries – Glasto Festival Location ( Eastfields Campervan Site )  
  • Thai Mania – Cuisine – Thai Street Food – Glasto Festival Location – ( Between West Holts and Pyramid )
  • That’s Nacho Burrito – Cuisine – Mexican Street Food – Glasto Festival Location ( Between Pyramid and Other Stages
  • Veggies – Cuisine – 100% Vegan Food – Glasto Festival Location ( By the old railway track
  • Wrap-up – Cuisine – Burritos and Nachos – Glasto Festival Location – ( Theatre and Circus Fields & By Arcadia and Pennard Hill Fields

Vegan At Glastonbury

As we eagerly anticipate Glastonbruy 2024, we’re thrilled to share that it is striving to make this year the most vegan-friendly yet.

On this page, we’ll keep you updated with all the latest news on the confirmed vegan food vendors and stalls that will grace the festival grounds. From mouthwatering plant-based dishes to delectable meat-free delights, the options promise to be diverse and delicious.

Glastonbury Festival organisers have dedicated themselves to meeting the growing demand for vegan and meat-free choices. As music and revelry fill the air, rest assured that you won’t face challenges in satisfying your appetite with compassionate and sustainable food.

Keep checking back for updates as we unveil the lineup of vegan food vendors, and prepare yourself for a feast that aligns with your values.

Glastonbury Festival Merchandise ( Vegan )

If are going Vegan at Glastonbury 2024, then why not show off your pride with a Vegan Slogan T-shirt? You can find our whole range of unofficial Glastonbury merch in our Veganaire Fashion Shop. Below are some of the most popular for vegan festivals and events

More For vegans At Glastonbury 2024

Green Future Fields, Glastonbury Festival

In this remarkable place, the showcase of inspiring green ideas unfolds. Here, individuals can immerse themselves in the vibrant energy of artists, campaigners, musicians, and visionaries, all united by their commitment to sustainability. Above all, the hope is that visitors can leave with a small seed of love, ready to be planted in their backyards.

Glasto Green Fields History

Since 1990, the Green Futures field has remained the pulsating heart of the Glastonbury Festival, upholding the original principles of love, sharing, and creativity. Guiding you on a captivating journey, they explore various facets of sustainability, from permaculture to pedal power, from sustainability to solar power.

Throughout the festival, you will encounter solar power venues operating from Wednesday to Sunday, alongside numerous pop-up music and entertainment outlets. Witness breathtaking green artworks, ranging from electric ponds to The Living Henge, and marvel at our mesmerising lighting sculptures that illuminate the night. Delight in the best vegetarian and vegan food available at cafes such as Henry’s Beard and Veggies.

Engage in lively discussions and interactive debates at the Speakers Forum, where you can mingle with politicians, green celebrities, environmentalists, and visionaries. This is the ultimate gathering for those eager to connect with the UK’s top campaigning groups and charities, providing a unique opportunity to forge meaningful connections and make a difference.

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