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Find the best vegan meal delivery, food boxes and recipe kits in the UK. Whether you’re a committed vegan or just want more plant-based options. We’ll show you the best for value and taste, bringing delicious and nutritious vegan food to your doorstep. No more meal prep stress. Indulge in flavourful and cruelty-free options without the effort. Whether it’s a one-time order or a weekly subscription. Check out some of our favourite options below.

Vegan Meal Delivery Services UK


Planty is one of the top vegan meal delivery services. They offer a selection of plant-based dishes prepared by a team of skilled chefs. They take pride in using the freshest and finest plant-based ingredients. Their diverse menu caters to all tastes and dietary requirements.

Ordering from Planty is easy through their website or mobile app. Customers can browse the menu and select from delicious dishes with just a few clicks.

By choosing Planty, you unlock a host of benefits. Enjoy the convenience of having wholesome, UK-vegan Chef-made meals delivered to your home or office. Your healthier lifestyle is made easier with nutrient-rich dishes that support well-being and sustainability.

Vegan Meal Delivery UK


Allplants, the plant-based meal delivery service, offers a range of main dishes. They are carefully balanced to make sure each bite is rich in flavour and essential nutrients.

There’s the option to place a one-time order or start a flexible subscription. This comes with benefits like free delivery for orders over £40. Allplants also allows users to easily manage their subscriptions. They offer the freedom to switch, skip, or cancel through their account. The company works closely with local growers and maintains a commitment to minimal packaging, with reusable materials.

Best Plant-Based Recipe Kits UK


Grubby, offer a plant-based recipe kit and food delivery service. They mainly source their produce from organic farms in Kent, Essex, and Bedfordshire.

Grubby proudly support British farming by using mostly British-grown pulses and grains. And they give priority to British produce whenever possible which is great news. It also takes sustainability seriously by making sure that its packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable. Over 95% of it is produced in the UK and also reduces the need for plastic usage.

They use eco-friendly pedal power for all London deliveries. Grubby is also committed to minimising food waste. They work with two exceptional food waste partners to ensure no edible food goes to waste.

Grubby designs its recipes to provide a balanced and nutritious meal plan. This includes an average of six or more fresh vegetables in each recipe and makes it easy to meet your daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

Vegan Recipe Box Delivery

Green Chef

Green Chef delivers fresh vegan recipe and food boxes with ingredients and simple recipe cards. This makes cooking easy for the whole week. They can safely leave your food box even if you’re not home. Everything stays cool in their special insulated packaging.

With a subscription, you can change, pause, or cancel your deliveries up to 5 days before the next one. Plus, Green Chef ensures you get the right portion size and balance of carbs, protein, fats, and calories to match your health goals. Green Chef offers other diet plans and caters for low-carb, keto, vegetarian, pescatarian and flexitarian diets.

Vegan Meals Delivered To You


Soulful Food, a vegan meal delivery service, offers delicious and low-budget vegan meals delivered to your door. You can select from a range of over 20 delicious vegan meals, each starting at just £2.69, all prepared by their chefs.

Soulful Food places a strong emphasis on sustainability. They ensure that their outer packaging, insulation, and ice packs are all reusable. Additionally, they prioritise sourcing ingredients locally, allowing them to create globally inspired recipes that are both planet-friendly and tasty.

Plant-Based Meal Delivery

Root Kitchen

Root Kitchen delivers cruelty-free food to your door, offering plant-based ready meals prepared by talented chefs. They cook these meals in small batches, using locally sourced ingredients.

You have the flexibility to choose between a one-time order or a subscription. Managing your deliveries is easy. You can easily adjust, cancel, skip, pause, or change your delivery schedule to suit your needs.

You can also customise your meal bundle by selecting 6 to 10 meals from their chef-prepared menu. Then, choose your preferred delivery and date for a carbon-neutral delivery. When your meals arrive, simply warm them up and enjoy them with ease.

Vegan Ready Meals Delivered

Cook Food

When it comes to plant-based eating, COOK has you covered. Whether you’re a die-hard vegan or just starting to explore vegan-ready meals. Their chef-prepared delivery range of frozen vegan food is made by hand using carefully chosen ingredients. And the best part? You can get these easy vegan microwave meals delivered anywhere in the UK.

Vegan Ready Meals Delivery

Hey Fresto

Hey Fresto offers vegan-ready meals that are both low in calories and free from dairy and gluten. These quick and easy-to-cook frozen vegan dishes are bursting with fresh veggies and healthy ingredients. Fresto’s chefs prepare and quickly freeze them to preserve their freshness. They are then delivered to you within 3 working days. Whether in your oven or microwave, these vegan meals are a breeze to heat up and enjoy.

Healthy Vegan Meal Delivery

Eat Holy

Make plant-based meal planning easy with Eat Holy’s ready-to-eat meals. Eat Holy’s nutritionists and chefs have created a vegan menu just for you. These tasty, balanced, and gluten-free plant-based meals are delivered to your door. They provide all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need, so you don’t have to worry about planning or cooking. Enjoy the convenience of healthy ready-to-eat meals from Eat Holy.

African Inspired Meal Delivery


Discover Veafy’s meal range and customise your box of vegan-friendly, African-inspired dishes. You can select from a wide selection of vegan-friendly meals, available for one-off orders and delivered directly to you.

Indian Plant-Based Meals

Chef Akila

Chef Akila has a wide range of real plant-based meals. All are certified by The Vegan Society. They’re packed with tasty veggies and don’t have any fake factory-made meats. Enjoy healthier meat-free days with Chef Akila. Free nationwide delivery in the UK with orders over £49.

The Benefits Of Vegan Meal Delivery

Choosing vegan meal deliveries offers many benefits. First is convenience, which reduces the need for finding vegan supermarkets online and meal prep. This makes it a time-saving option for busy people and families and provides quick and easy vegan meals. It’s also beneficial for those lacking cooking confidence or skills. This is because it gives them access to well-made, restaurant-quality vegan dishes without any fuss.

Also, meal delivery services often provide portion-controlled meals, helping with weight management and reducing food waste.

In addition, the packaging used by vegan meal delivery services plays a role in their advantages. Many of these services prioritise eco-friendliness, opting for sustainable packaging practices that contribute to a more environmentally friendly planet.

The Difference Between Meal and Recipe Box Delivery

A vegan recipe box and vegan meal delivery are similar but have differences.

A vegan recipe box gives you all the ingredients you require to prepare plant-based meals at home. It turns cooking into an adventure where you follow recipes and gain new cooking skills. This choice suits those who enjoy cooking and desire greater control over their meals.

In contrast, vegan food and meal delivery services deliver fully chef-prepared vegan dishes and frozen meals directly to your door. prioritises convenience as you only need to heat and eat. This option is ideal for busy people looking for, quick, ready-to-enjoy vegan meals without the effort. Both choices cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles, offering delectable vegan options.

Vegan Meal Planning

Thinking about going vegan? It’s a great choice for your health and the environment, but it can seem overwhelming without a plan. That’s where vegan meal planning and meal delivery services come in handy. They make the process simpler and tastier.

Getting Started with Vegan Meal Planning

1. Set Your Goals:

Know why you want to go vegan. Is it for your health, the environment, or animal welfare? This will help you stay focused.

2. Learn the Basics:

Understand plant-based nutrition. Learn about vegan protein sources and important vitamins and minerals to build balanced meals.

3. Plan Your Meals:

Create a weekly meal plan. List breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Add variety to keep meals exciting.

4. Grocery Shopping:

Make a shopping list based on your meal plan. Pick whole foods like fruits, veggies, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. Skip the processed vegan junk food.

5. Meal Prep:

Consider batch-cooking staples like grains, beans, and sauces to save time later. Having these ready makes meal assembly quick.

Staying on Track with Vegan Meals

1. Stick to a Schedule:

Try to eat meals and snacks at regular times. This helps control hunger and prevents impulsive eating.

2. Eat Mindfully:

Listen to your body’s hunger and fullness signals. Avoid eating when you’re not hungry. Savour your meals slowly.

3. Seek Support:

Connect with vegan communities or find a meal-planning buddy. Sharing experiences and challenges can motivate you.

4. Be Prepared:

Keep vegan snacks handy to prevent unhealthy choices when hunger strikes unexpectedly.

The Role of Vegan Meal Delivery and Recipe Kits

Meal planning can be time-consuming, especially for busy people. That’s where vegan meal delivery, recipe kits, and boxes can help:

1. Convenient Meals:

Meal delivery services offer ready-made, balanced vegan meals. No cooking is required.

2. Varied Options:

Subscription boxes introduce you to new vegan dishes from around the world, adding excitement to your meals.

3. Time-Saving Kits:

Recipe kits provide pre-measured ingredients and clear instructions, saving you time in the kitchen.

4. Inspiration Boost:

Meal kits and boxes inspire creativity and encourage you to try new vegan recipes at home.

5. Consistency Matters:

Scheduled deliveries ensure you stick to your plan and always have tasty vegan options on hand.

Using vegan meal delivery, recipe kits, and boxes can make your vegan journey easier and more enjoyable. They save you time and effort while keeping you true to your vegan values.

Remember, successful vegan meal planning is about finding your balance. Whether you cook from scratch, rely on meal delivery, or mix both approaches, the goal is to make going vegan a tasty, sustainable, and rewarding experience.

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