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With the new laws regarding the wearing of face masks in certain public places such as when out shopping, you need to know if yours is vegan friendly. Here are a few reusable face masks that we have found that are. Help protect yourself and others by wearing a reusable cruelty free mask from some of these sellers. They are non medical grade, but come in some nice designs using sustainable and vegan friendly materials such as organic cotton  and bamboo. 

Sanctury set of 3 organic cotton reusable face masks. Non medical. All profits donated to NHS charities. 

Ethical Vegan friendly face masks made with Sabinna off cut material. Handmade responsibly in London. 

Reusable face masks made from biodegradable organic cotton. Certified vegan friendly face masks. 

Reusable Face Masks - Vegan Friendly

Vegan lifestyle brand creating clothing accessories in LA. They have skull and flower face vegan face masks. 

ADKN – ethical and sustainable slow fashion brand – organic cotton and bamboo reusable face masks. 

The Good Apparel – “Fearless Future” slogan. Densely woven organic cotton reusable face masks. 

Sustainable and Ethical Face Masks

All Sabinna face masks are made out of natural fibre materials (such as Tencel, Linen and Organic Cotton

Sustainable and Concious Ethical Face Masks made from 100% recycled Ocean plastics. Planet friendly. 

Occam masks come in one size with elasticated fastening to ensure a comfortable fit. Made with 2 layers of linen. 

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