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Best Vegan Cheeses

Are you one of the many people who think that going vegan means giving up your favourite dairy products like cheese? If so, we have some good news for you. While it has taken some time, cheese makers have finally perfected the art of creating plant-based cheese and dairy-free alternatives. There are now many vegan-friendly cheese options available in high-street shops and supermarkets.


For a long time, the idea of giving up cheese seemed daunting to many people. But with the growth of veganism, more and more people are open to the idea of trying plant-based options. Vegans Fare, a team of vegan foodies, has tested some of the best vegan cheese on the market to come up with a list of our favourites.


In recent years, cheese makers have been experimenting with different plant-based ingredients to create a wide range of vegan cheese options. From nut-based to soy-based and coconut-based cheese, there are now many different types of vegan cheese available. 


Our team has tried and tested a variety of vegan cheeses to bring you the best of the best. Whether you’re a fan of creamy soft cheeses or sharp, tangy cheddars, we’ve got you covered. So be sure to check out our list of the best vegan cheeses available for all tastes and preferences. 


New Roots, Vegan La Cotta Cheese

Try the must-have New Roots La Cotta Cheese! It’s a plant-based ricotta alternative made traditionally from curdled cashew milk and crafted using organic cashew nuts.

What makes this artisan vegan cheese so special is its light and airy texture. It adds a creamy richness to any dish without feeling too heavy. Following traditional Swiss cheese-making methods, it boasts a rich and complex flavour that’s both delicious and satisfying.

This versatile cheese can be used in various ways, like topping pasta dishes or as a dip for veggies. It’s also made with all-natural, wholesome ingredients, making it a healthy option for those who prefer dairy-free alternatives.

Artisan Vegan Cheese UK

La Fauxmagerie, Brixton Blue Cheese

For a unique and flavourful artisan vegan cheese, try Balham Blue. It’s inspired by traditional Shropshire Blue cheese and made with almonds. Balham Blue has authentic blue mould veins and is enriched with sweet potato superfoods.

La Fauxmagerie beautifully coats and veins Balham Blue with Penicillium roqueforti mould, creating a fragrant, delicious flavour. And the addition of vibrant annatto and sweet potato creates a mild and smooth blue cheese experience. Try pairing it with crackers, apple slices, and walnuts for the best experience.

Balham Blue is made with wholesome ingredients like coconut oil, almonds, and tapioca flour. This makes it a healthy and delicious choice for any vegan cheese lover.

Plant based Cheesemonger

Tyne Chease, Smoke Paprika

Tyne Chease smoked paprika is a top contender for vegan cheese. It’s soft and creamy with elegant warming undertones that provide a rich and satisfying taste. Its appealing glow perfectly complements any stunning cheeseboard.

Crafted with the finest ingredients, this cheese is perfect for those seeking a delicious and healthy alternative. Its velvety texture and subtle, distinct smoky flavour make it ideal for a variety of dishes.

Artisan Cheeses


Indulge in the thick and creamy Natural Cheese Spread that’s perfect for anyone looking for a dairy-free alternative. Nush is made with a bespoke, creamy almond milk churned freshly in a UK-based factory.  This cheese spread is infused with live vegan cheese cultures and British sea salt for a unique taste.

Each pot is free from dairy, soya, and gluten. This makes it a healthy and inclusive choice for all. With 60 almonds per 150g, this Natural Cheese Spread just melts in your mouth. 

From sauces to dips, pancakes, soups, cheesecakes, the possibilities are endless. Use it in sweet or savoury dishes for an extra burst of flavour that’s sure to impress.

Diary Free Cheese Spread

Vbites Cheezly

Experience the perfect fusion of heritage and innovation with Cheezly dairy-free Red Cheddar. Utilising traditional cheese-making techniques, VBites have created a veganised version of this classic cheese, perfect for a new generation.

VBites Cheezly Red Cheddar features a distinctive flavour and colour that pays homage to the traditional Red Leicester blends. Annatto is used to create the signature red hue, while maintaining the integrity of this fantastic food’s heritage.

This versatile cheese is perfect for a variety of uses. From a simple lunchtime sandwich to a delicious cheese on toast it adds a unique twist to your favourite meals. And let’s not forget about its amazing melting capabilities. It’s perfect for cheese on toast or topping off your favourite dishes.

With Cheezly dairy-free Red Cheddar, you can enjoy the same great taste as traditional cheese, but without the lactose. It’s a tasty and inclusive choice for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions.

Diary Free Red Cheddar Cheese

Ilchester Vegan Melting Mature Cheese

Ilchester’s Vegan Melting Mature Cheese Block is a delicious and creamy dairy-free alternative that’s perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike. Made from coconut oil and potato starch, it has a rich and satisfying taste and melts perfectly for use in all your favourite recipes.

This vegan cheese block is free from dairy, lactose, gluten, and soy, making it a great option for people with food allergies or intolerances. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and is certified vegan by the Vegan Society.

So, whether you’re making a classic grilled cheese sandwich or adding some cheesy goodness to your pasta dish, Ilchester’s Vegan Melting Mature Cheese Block is a tasty and versatile option that you won’t want to miss out on!


Vegan Cheddar Alternative

Sheese, Greek Style

Sheese Greek Style is a plant-based cheese alternative created by Bute Island Foods. Made with coconut oil and natural flavourings, it offers a dairy-free alternative to traditional Greek-style cheese. This creamy and tangy cheese is perfect for use in salads, sandwiches, and as a topping for pizzas. It has a crumbly texture and a bold flavour that can stand up to any dish. Whether you are a vegan, lactose intolerant, or simply looking for a healthier option, Sheese Greek Style is a tasty and versatile choice. Plus, with Bute Island Foods’ commitment to sustainability, you can feel good about choosing this eco-friendly and ethical product.

Vegan Salad Cheese

Mexicana Vegan Cheese Block

Looking for a spicy and flavourful cheese option? Look no further than Mexicana Vegan Cheese Block! Made with a blend of coconut oil, potato starch, and red bell peppers, this cheese offers the perfect balance of taste and texture.

The Mexicana is perfect for melting and grilling, making it a versatile option for all your favourite recipes. Plus, it’s free from dairy, lactose, gluten, and soy, making it a great choice for people with food allergies or intolerances.

In addition this cheese is also certified Kosher and Halal. So whether you’re topping your favourite burger or adding some cheesy goodness to your nachos, Mexicana Vegan Cheese Block is the perfect choice. 

Spicy Vegan Cheese

Green Vie Mozzarella

A great cheese option that’s both delicious and stretchy is Greenvie Mozzarella Block! This plant-based cheese is made with a blend of coconut oil and potato starch. This makes it a great dairy-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, and soy-free substitute for traditional mozzarella. You can add it your favourite pizza, lasagna, or salad or you can melt and grill it for a tasty and versatile ingredient. And the best part? It’s low in calories and fat, so you can enjoy all the deliciousness guilt-free! 

Award Winning Cheese

Mouses Favourite CamBlue

If you’re on the lookout for a unique artisan vegan cheese alternative, Mouse’s Favourite Camblue is a must-try! This delicious plant-based cheese is made from organic cashew nuts, filtered water, organic steamed coconut oil, sea salt, and cultures.

This Cheese is a real treat for the senses! From its camembert-like exterior to its mild, blue-veined interior, it’s sure to impress. 

If you’re a fan of bold and tangy flavours, Mouse’s Favourite Camblue is perfect for you. Its smooth and creamy texture makes it a great addition to any cheese board or charcuterie platter. Plus, it’s perfect for spreading on crackers or bread, or even adding to your favourite salad or pasta dish.

Artisan Vegan Cheese

Honestly Tasty Bree

Honestly Tasty Bree, an artisan vegan cheese crafted with passion and precision at a creamery in North London. Each wheel is made with extraordinary attention to detail. This results in a thick and mellow cheese with subtle earthy tones and a smooth texture. Honestly Tasty Bree is a delectable treat, perfect for topping crackers and sandwiches. If you’re looking for a creamy and flavourful cheese option, Honestly Tasty Bree is sure to meet your needs. 

Plant Based Bree

I am Nut, Smoky Charcoal Minerthreat

If  you are in the mood for a bold and unique artisan vegan cheese, look no further than I am Nut. The signature cheese that’s sure to impress! This delicious plant-based cheese is made from cashews, and is ripened in a coat of activated coconut charcoal ash. This gives it its distinct smoky flavour.

When you cut into I am Nut, you’ll see a gorgeous black vein running down the centre. It’s a truly stunning addition to any cheese board or charcuterie platter. And you’ll be blown away by the depth of woody, hickory flavours that give body to the cashew nut’s natural creaminess.

Whether you’re a cheese lover or just looking for something new and different to try, I am Nut is the perfect choice. It’s vegan, dairy-free, and full of flavour, making it a great addition to any meal or snack.

Artisan Not Cheese

Violife Cheese

Let’s explore Violife, an incredible brand with a vegan focus, located in the beautiful surroundings of Thessalonica, Greece. Since the 90s, they have been wholeheartedly committed to creating amazingly tasty, 100% vegan, non-dairy, and non-GMO foods. Their production plant in Drama tirelessly churns out these delightful treats. Violife feels honoured and grateful to have become a favourite brand among Vegans, Vegetarians, and Flexitarians in over 50 countries worldwide. What sets them apart is their genuine passion for what they do! They firmly believe that their melty, stretchy, creamy, and tangy Violife family of vegan cheese products will be perfect for people, without compromising on taste.


Just Like Chedder Mature Slices

What is Vegan Cheese?

When it comes to cheese, many assume that all types contain dairy products. However, with the rise of veganism, cheese makers have started creating dairy-free alternatives. This means there are now plenty of options suitable for vegans and those with lactose intolerance or milk allergies.

Vegan cheese is made without animal-based ingredients. Traditional cheese typically includes milk, rennet, and other animal products. In contrast, vegan cheese is crafted using plant-based ingredients like nuts, soy, and coconut oil.


Vegan cheese makers employ various methods to achieve different textures and flavours. This includes culturing and fermenting plant-based milk. Some varieties also incorporate nutritional yeast for a cheesy taste and added nutritional value.


Choosing vegan cheese offers several benefits. It tends to be lower in saturated fat and cholesterol compared to traditional cheese. Additionally, it allows individuals following a vegan diet to enjoy the taste and texture of cheese without consuming animal products.


In conclusion, vegan cheese provides a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional cheese. It is available in various types and flavours, allowing individuals to enjoy the pleasures of cheese while adhering to their dietary preferences.

Is Vegan Cheese Healthy?

Vegan cheese can be a healthy option, but its healthiness depends on its ingredients. Some vegan cheeses use natural plant-based ingredients, making them good for you. They typically contain less saturated fat and cholesterol compared to regular cheese, which is better for your heart.


However, not all vegan cheeses are equally healthy. Some processed varieties may have lots of added salt or sugar to enhance their taste. So, it’s essential to check the nutrition label and choose ones with lower amounts of these additives.


Moreover, some vegan cheeses may lack important nutrients like vitamin B12, calcium, or vitamin D, which are present in dairy cheese. If you consume a lot of vegan cheese, ensure you obtain these nutrients from other foods or supplements.


Remember, like any food, it’s best to enjoy vegan cheese in moderation. Include it as part of a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.


If you have questions or concerns about vegan cheese or your diet, talk to a dietitian or a healthcare professional. They can help you determine what’s best for you.

How is Vegan Cheese made?

People who follow a plant-based diet or are lactose intolerant often choose vegan cheese.  This is because it’s made from non-dairy ingredients such as nuts, soy, and coconut oil. In this article, we’ll delve into the ingredients used and the production process of this tasty alternative to traditional cheese.


To make vegan cheese, the cheese makers first select non-dairy ingredients. These are commonly nuts like cashews and almonds due to their creamy texture that can imitate cheese. Soy milk and coconut oil are also popular as they contain high-fat content, which is vital in creating a rich and creamy flavour.

Making Vegan Cheese,

After blending the selected ingredients to create a smooth paste, the cheese makers season it with herbs and spices for the desired flavour profile. Additional ingredients like agar agar may also be added to help the cheese set depending on the type of cheese being made.

Once seasoned, the mixture is shaped into blocks or rounds like traditional cheese, and then aged for a period to allow the flavours to develop and mature. The ageing process can vary from a few days to several weeks depending on the cheese type.

Vegan cheese has a long history dating back to the 19th century when Swiss cheese makers first produced it using a mixture of soy and casein, a milk protein. Over time, the recipe was refined, and non-dairy ingredients replaced the milk protein.

In recent years, the popularity of vegan cheese has increased as more people adopt plant-based diets for health, ethical, or environmental reasons. With the rising demand, the variety of vegan cheese available has also expanded, ranging from cheddar and mozzarella to brie and blue cheese.

Why choose Vegan cheese?

Choosing to eat vegan cheese can have many benefits for both our health and the environment. One of the main reasons people choose to go vegan is to reduce their impact on the planet. Dairy production is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. So by consuming plant-based alternatives like vegan cheese, you can help reduce your carbon footprint.


In addition to being more environmentally friendly, vegan cheese is also a healthier option for many people. Traditional cheese is often high in saturated fat and cholesterol, which can contribute to heart disease and other health issues. Vegan alternatives on the other hand, are typically lower in fat and calories. They are also a good source of protein and other nutrients.


By choosing vegan cheese, we can also support sustainable and ethical food production practices. Many dairy farms have been criticised for their treatment of animals. By choosing plant-based alternatives, we can help reduce the demand for animal products.

Vegan cheese and the UK economy

Alongside the environmental benefits, the plant-based cheese market in the UK is rapidly expanding.  It is currently worth an estimated £43.5 million. With an increasing number of consumers seeking vegan and lactose-free alternatives, the demand is expected to continue to rise. This growth has created new job opportunities and boosted the economy. A recent report by The Vegan Society found that the plant-based food industry in the UK was worth over £3.5 billion in 2018.  This economic growth is set to continue, as more people become aware of the benefits of plant-based diets and companies continue to innovate and improve their products.


Overall, consuming vegan cheese can be a great choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. In addition you can improve your health, and support ethical and sustainable food production practices. With so many delicious options available, it’s easy to make the switch to vegan cheese and enjoy all its benefits.

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